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Chairman Message

Realizing a better future by helping to strengthen the neighborhoods where we live and work is an essential core value of Sahara Spirit Foundation (Non Profit Organization).
Sahara Spirit Foundation envisions better and positive changes in the lives of the Moroccan people. Giving our children access to quality education helps individuals uplift themselves out of hunger and extreme poverty. To make a genuine difference, we help ensure these children don’t just survive but thrive and succeed.
Despite the country’s many adversities, I focus my energy to drive the company’s mission on projects that truly matters for our foundation’s vision to be realized.We embrace the importance of having access to excellent medical care, safe housing job opportunities and other socio-economic affairs in the country. From common issues to complex challenges, our team approach to these problems are varied, which, led by faith, Coulee to better solutions in helping communities grow.
We, at Sahara Spirit Foundation, are committed to achieving its noble vision. We shall strive to deliver the growing and ever-changing demands of people and the communities. We envisioned to have our presence felt in areas we operate and touch the lives of citizens in a positive way.
As Chairman, it is incumbent upon me to embrace the vision of Sahara Spirit Foundation and will work hard to deliver its mission not only in the Arab world but in other deserving countries as well. I trust that personalities and entities join me in the philanthropic mission in improving the lives of Moroccans, Africans and other people. I believe that transforming the lives of people from bad to better is a worthy and meaningful journey. This is the beginning of a better future.

Executive President‘s Message

Mohamed Dekkak

The Sahara Spirit Foundation is a non-profit organization which has the belief that it can change in our fast-developing nation.

Education, cultural activities, sports, sustainable development, environments, unemployment are the main issues of different countries. Today, there is a genuine need to give new openings to work and put a conclusion to the financial development of the underdeveloped areas.

The end goal to enhance the social situations of our people, to contribute to the country building process, happening in Morocco that everybody merits a respectable way of life. We feel definitely dependable and enthusiastic that every resident needs to help to build our nation. It is no longer just the derivation of government or a couple dedicated people, but a national obligation shared by every single person from the Moroccan nation.

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Social Change and Women

Think of the activities that take place in an average household during the course of a day. Food is cooked; cleaning is done – sweeping, mopping, and dusting.

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