Sahara Desert: A place of visit

Sahara Desert


Sahara desert is the hottest desert in the world. It is a third largest desert in the world after Antarctica and Arctic deserts. It is spread over 3.6 million square miles that engulf in North America. It covers sections of Egypt, Libya, Mali, Morocco, Niger, Western Sahara, Algeria, Chad, Tunisia, and Sudan. Sahara is bordered by the Sudan and valley of the Niger River in the south. At the west border of the Sahara, Atlantic Ocean is located, and to the east, the Red Sea is located. Sahara desert is divided into areas of the Tibesti Mountains,  the central Hugger,  an area of desert mountains and high plateaus, the Air Mountains and Western Sahara. Sahara include the cities of  El Owed,  Taman asset, Hassi Messaoud, Ouargla, Timbuktu, Faya-Largeau, Agade, Cairo, Tripoli, and Nouakchott.

Geography of the Sahara Desert

geography of Sahara

North-easterly winds of the Sahara give rise to sandstorms and dust devils and often reach hurricane level. Location including the half of Sahara often get an inch of the rain per year, and the rest often gets four of the inches rain per year. Volcano Emi Koussi is the highest mountain in the Sahara desert. It is located in the Tibesti Mountains in northern Chad. Other mountains include the Miller Mountain, Saharan Atlas, Hugger Mountains, Tibesti Mountains and Red Sea Hills. This interesting geography of the Sahara desert makes it more memorable to visit. Sahara desert has very little sand in its location; it has a wide area of barren, hard and rocky land. It has large areas of shifting sand dunes mostly reaching 590 feet. Sahara river including the Nile River is irregular and seasonal. The Nile crosses the Sahara desert starting from the Central Africa and empties into Mediterranean sea. Southern and Northern areas of Sahara desert are grassland and have shrubs.

History of Sahara Desert & Where is the Sahara desert located

Sahara desert is located in the northern Africa. It is the world’s largest hottest desert. Its size is of the 8.6 km. It is the third largest desert in the arab world after the Antarctica and Arctic desert. Antarctica and Atlantic desert are the coldest deserts in the world. Sahara is derived from the Arabic word which means “the great.” It covers 11 countries in North Africa. Sahara desert covers the 9 million km area which is equivalent to the entire continent of the North America. Sahara desert has its history dating back to 3 million years ago. Several sand dunes are found in the desert. Some of the sand dunes reach up to 180 meters high. These sand dunes are covered with barren and rocky land. Emi Koussi is the highest mountain in the Sahara desert that reach up to 3415 meters high. Timbuktu and Nile river are also found with their exceptions. Oasis towns are found in the Sahara desert which is equipped with cultural, architectural buildings. These buildings attract the visitors to stay. Marketplaces and houses are located the oasis towns of the Sahara desert.

Animals in the Sahara desert

Animals in Sahara

Several years ago, there was enough water in the desert for people and animals to live. Evidence proved that there was enough water in the desert to live at the edge of the desert. Animals could sustain themselves like a crocodile. Fossils of dinosaurs are also discovered in the desert. Desert is hottest so animals cannot sustain their lives at the edge of the desert. But now there is a little water on most of the parts of the Sahara enough to live animals. Some exceptions are also found enough to live the animals like Nile valley, few oasis and northern highland. At these areas, most Mediterranean plants like olive trees are also found in the Sahara desert. Planting is not so much found in most of the areas.  As the temperature increases after 1600 B.C, there was a shift in the life at the desert. Camels were also associated with Sahara and introduced during 200B.C. Their advantages include the soft feet replaced for the horses so that they can move quickly and easily. They have the ability to go without food or water for about 17 days. Scorpions, Snakes, and Rodents are also found in the Sahara desert.

Death stalker ScorpionDeath stalker Scorpion which is around 4 inches is also found in the desert. Death stalker scorpion has the dangerously large amount of agitoxin and Scylla toxin. 40 plus species of the rodents like rat, mouse, and squirrel are also found in the Sahara desert. It is called jerboa. Jerboa hibernates under the sand to keep cool. Sahara’s largest mammal is Addax nasomaculatus. It travels throughout the Chad, Western Sahara, and Mauritania. It takes moisture from the grasses and bushes instead of taking water. It is necessary for their life. Addax can move easily at the loose sand of Sahara desert. Several types of hyenas and jackals also roam around the Sahara. The Mall Fennec Fox is also present in the Sahara desert. It makes its home in the tunnel, live in the day there and move out in the night.

Places to visit in Sahara desert

Sahara desert is a place of the rocks, sand dunes, and prickly oasis. You can visit the dusty city market along the way. You can follow the steps of the ancient traders who travel by sitting on the back of the camel. Tourist visits the Sahara desert due to the interesting places in the desert. They visit it due to the specialty of barren and rocky land. Places to visit in Sahara desert are:

Sand dunes

Sand Dunes Sahara

If you want to experience the interesting Sahara desert, you need to visit the mountainous sand dunes in the desert. These sand dunes are known as ergs. These urges have a wide amount of sand which develop into huge hills, and these hills shift their shape with the blow of wind. This is the most interesting experience in the Sahara desert. Some places in the desert are not equipped with roads and settlements like Grand Erg Occidental. While others have roads and settlements and are accessible to the visitors. You can easily enjoy at these sites by traveling. You can travel in the dunes by sitting on the camel back.

Oasis towns

Oasis Town

Sahara has few oasis towns stand in the barren desert. These towns have buildings that reflect the landscape of the sand from outside borders of walls. These towns have their attraction due to their sand modifications and old texture. When you visit the sand dunes, you can easily stay in these oasis towns buildings with great comfort. These buildings have their architectural charm. Erfoud in Morocco is a place with great comfort. Tourists can stay there in a friendly environment. They have luxurious accessories to stay and visit sand dunes. Siwa in Egypt is one of those architectural places which also have cafes and colorful marketplaces to visit. Ancient Grand Dames which is also known as the pearl of the desert is one of that oasis which has buildings to stay. UNESCO is also a world heritage site to visit in California. There are other several places to visit in the Sahara desert if you want to spend vacations this year like Knar Ghilane in Tunisia, Taman asset in Algeria and Merzouga in Morocco.


Several modern culture cities are also located in the Sahara desert. Some of the cities show a glimpse of the old desert. El Aaiun is one of those cities which offer air-conditioned retreats. Nouakchott in Mauritania are cities which have the mosques, marketplace, houses and other buildings to visit. Libya and That are also cities equipped with modern culture and marketplaces to visit. International festivals and other events are also held in these cities buildings. They celebrate the events with greater joy. Duos in Tunisia is one of those places in which international festivals are celebrated. The annual international festival is held at Duos once a year in which you can enjoy camel marathon, can attend Arab calligraphy and take part in a poetry contest. Several other events are also held in different places of multiple cities. Timbuktu which is located in Mali also presented the Islamic architecture and African trade for several years. But now this is a dusty and barren place for tourists to visit.

Bodies of water

Some bodies of water are located in the Sahara desert which presents the real culture and beauty of the desert. Visitors can find more civilization around these bodies of water in Sahara desert. In Egypt, Nile river is the lifeline of the Sahara. Nile river is the special location except sustaining life for animals and people. Timbuktu is a bank of the Niger river. Boundaries of the Sahara desert are covered with bodies of water like the Red Sea in the northeast and Chad in the south of the Sahara. These bodies of water make the Sahara desert very attractive and beautiful enough to visit by the outsiders. The Red Sea is a body of water with greater comfort. Tourist visit in greater number each year. You can do fishing at the Red sea. Greater parking area along with the cafe is a good place for the visitors.

When to go to visit Sahara desert

The time between October and April are best to visit the Sahara. At this time of the year, the temperature in Sahara desert is bearable. You can also travel during early may when the temperature is almost normal during the daytime. Due to its hottest climate, visitors have to take care of the weather conditions for a visit. Between December and January Sahara desert has cool weather. During this time, night time temperature may fall below the freezing point. This cool weather makes the Sahara desert attractive to visit. Sandstorms are also possible from January to April. From June to September, heat is at its peak, and no sensible person can make the visit to this place. Firestorm is part of the Sahara desert. Rain is very rare to the desert.

Cities to travel in Sahara

Several cities in Sahara are found to travel. Some of these are:



Morocco is an interesting place with the snow capped on the high hills. It is one of the most accessible slices in the Sahara. Mostly people travel it during their stay in the Sahara. It contains 40 km ribbons of sand dunes. These sand dunes are traveled by sitting on the camel back. Ancient traders travel through these sand dunes and using the camelback for sitting. Their footstep makes way for the traveler in the sand dunes.



West of Egypt is the west corner of the Sahara. Siwa in Egypt is a place where marketplaces are found, and many other colorful buildings are found. This was several years back. Now Siwa is ancient barren and rocky land. It contains the temple dating back to Alexander time. The oasis of Al Kharga and Dakhla are places to visit.

Forbidden Sahara


Sahara’s most beautiful landscape lies deep into the desert heart. These countries remain avoided to travelers because of the political instability and conflicts. Algeria is located with sand seas that have some largest sand dunes in it. It also has rocky landscape. Azhagar and Tassel are mountain ranges in the Sahara desert which make it more memorable. Ancient rock art of the Sahara makes it UNESCO world heritage site. Jebel Arecas is found in Libya which is beautiful with its vast sand seas, largest volcanoes and high-rank lakes in the corner of the Sahara desert.

The Greater number of people visit it every year. They visit this site because of the architectural charm of the oasis towns and cities in the desert. Bodies of water found in the Sahara is also an attraction for the people to enjoy. The Red Sea is an area with a maximum number of people to visit. They go to the sea to enjoy with their families and fellows. Fishing at the Red Sea creates memorable events for the people. Sahara desert is the hottest desert in the world, but beyond the hot weather, a lot of people visit it each year with their families to spend the vacations.