Dakhla a place that attracts many tourists


Dakhla is a city in the Western Sahara territory administrated in Morocco. It is built on the Atlantic coast and from the Pleistocene when the history of Oasis started. This was the time when the nomadic tribes settled there, at that time Sahara climate was wetter and people have access to their lake and was living happily.

But 600 years ago entire desert became drier and changed into acrid desert, access to water became somehow difficult.

The essential water from subterranean is to the Libyan desert in the world via Nubian aquifer. The first part of the oasis of Dakhla Oasis had surface water sources too.

Emperor time:

In 2550 BCE the first contact between the Pharaonic and Oasis started. Al Qasr the covered and secured Islamic town was built in 12 century in the Roman era, established by the kings of Egypt.

European traveler Sir Archibald Edmonton was the first who find the Dakhla oasis.

The Dakhla town:

Dakhla (4)

The Dakhla is built on the edge of Atlantic. It is like the heaven of peace that is built on the lagoon and ocean. From the Mauritanian border and gates of Western, Sahara Dakhla is 400 kilometer.

One visiting Dakhla you can see the beautiful seascape of southern Morocco. Many things you can do like swimming or fishing. Other choices are going for a walk or had some outdoor activities. The small port of charms was built at Oued ed Dahab the river of gold at the colonial era. It is the place of cultural exchange, Dakhla city has earned its place as best fishing and surfing spot.

Dakhla situated on Atlantic coastline of Morocco administer the Western Sahara with lovely houses, architectural and ancient history plus the friendly people is a famous destination for tourist. The local people of Dakhla depends on fishing to live. The beaches sections of all shapes, size, and color are distributed in the fishing vessels.

In 1502 when Dakhla was found, it was known as Villa Cisneros. It was the capital of Rio de Oro, the Spanish Saharan region from the mid of the 1800s to 1900s. At that time Spanish built a military fortress and Catholic cathedral which is now very famous attractions for the tourist. During the Spanish civil war, Dakhla was home to a prison camp. It was also the capital of Mauritanian province, but after the dispute regarding the governance of territory, it was incorporated into Morocco.

Dakhla beaches:

Dakhla Beach

There are a hundred kilometers of deserted beaches on both north and south of the Dakhla. You can have a tour to open sea. And can discover over there turtles and dolphins. On the ocean side, you can visit the surfer’s beach. This place is near to city and great place to go for a walk. Near to this place is a point called La Pointe du Dragon, which is known for its center of water sports. A beach called Puerto is a super place of white sand.

Dakhla Beach (1)

Walk or day trip to Dakhla:

You can visit the island of dragon called the Henry Island. This place is very interesting to visit you can find many seashells during the walk. 30 kilometers from the Dakhla, on the road of that, leads to Mauritania you can see many natural phenomena rising in the middle of the lagoon and the white dune. This place is also gatherings of the flamingos. On a 4WD safari, you can discover many sites that will take your breath away.

Have a visit to Majdouline island you can have a bath of white argyle to charge your batteries and can hunt for seashells over there. Take advantage of the Asmaa spring hot sulphuric water of the desert and discover the natural treatments. Best place for foodies is the oyster farm at this place you can sample the product on location. If you want to visit away from the city then move towards the Morocco desert. There are herds of camel and sheep. For camping, this place is best. The Weather at this place is mild, generally sunny all the year. The temperature over here is between the 20 degrees and 30 degrees. Wing blowing in this area is refreshing and pleasant; this causes the fish come close to the shore and delight the surfers. Visit in February don’t miss the Dakhla desert festivals and Dakhla sea. The event which occurs yearly is a reunion of athletes and artists on many topics such as of music, singing, surf and many other things.

Sights in Dakhla oasis:

Dakhla (2)

Qila al-Dabba:

Qila al Dabba is the ancient catacomb. The mud brick structures above tomb the basis of pyramids the largest of this is the 10m high. The four demolished, but still, one is restored and open to for the public. To reach here, you must take the dirt track that meets the main road. The five mastabas have been arrayed in fine limestone.

Deir al Haggar:

Deir al Haggar is the sandstone temple one of the monuments of Roman. This temple is built between the regions of Nero and Domitian. Some of the relief panels are preserved, and most are covered in bird poop.

Looking carefully on the adjacent porch of Titus you can see their entire names of the team. These are the names of all travelers to the desert.

Bir al Regel:

It is situated in the beautiful desert scenery. This place is very famous for soaks. Any gatherings in here during the day time is overwhelmed. You will also enjoy if you come at night when stars blaze the sky.

Rock cravings:

It is carved into the rock 45km towards Al-kharga, where the two caravan met. This is historic and tribal symbols. Fewer travelers visited these site images are ruined with their graffiti.

Ethnographic Museum:

Dakhla Museum

This museum is opened only on the request. The museum is a traditional home, having different areas for men, women, and visitors. Clothing, jewelry displaying and also other domestic item give insight into oasis life.

How to go to Dakhla:

To go to Dakhla is very simple. It is good of booking the flights early in advance as possible. Booking the ticket early reason is that the prices can go up as you wait longer.

Airports have different flights for this place. Depending on your country many companies are available to you, choose that one which is according to your plan.

Things that you can do in Dakhla:

You can do many things in Dakhla. You can make your trip interesting by doing outdoor activities

Kite surfing:

Kite surfing is a good sport because of the wind over there. Due to the wind, it attracts many people. The lessons and rentals are also available.

Lighthouse Dakhla:

You can see some great views from old Spanish lighthouse.

The beach:

Dhakhla Beaches

This beach is quite windy. It’s not the exact place to relax, but you can enjoy over here by doing many different activities.

Places for dining in Dakhla:

La Maison du:

Dakhla has some good points to eat with reasonable prices. You want good food experience of dining than La Maison du the Dakhla is best. Its decorative is the fusion of Indian prints and colors with the furniture of Arabic style. Use of candles and many lanterns it has some essence of Parisian style. You can try over here the lamb shank or sea bass. Here is something for very one. Fish over here is caught daily and then cooked.

Villa Dakhla:

If you want a good view while eating than Villa Dakhla is the best place as it is situated on the seafront. The view is beautiful, and the food is also good. For some adventurous diner try spiced camel that is cooked to perfection. All seafood option is also good to taste over here.

There is no good place in Dakhla for fast food, but there are some up class spots places from where you can get tasty fast food.


The pizzeria is not wrong, this how they spell it. This place has very good Moroccan dishes, panini sandwiches, and pizzas.


This place is very good for dinner and cheap. You can eat good quantity for the very little price.

Tourist coming to Dakhla can enjoy several hours by walking through the city. It is not very large but has a mesh of streets, residential areas, commercial zones. Exploring them is very interesting. Many cafes offer refreshments and their local cuisine which brace the tourist during their discovering and exploring the city.

Visible from many areas of Dakhla is the old Spanish lighthouse that rises from the tiny Cape. If you think to walk to the lighthouse from Dakhla than it will take a long time because it is far away and the tourist has to climb 250 steps to reach the top. This all effort by tourist is rewarded by the beautiful views in the surrounding.

Dakhla Accommodation:

For all the tourists, it offers the accommodation which suits the tourist budget. Although Dakhla is a very interesting place to visit and explore. People who love traveling and interested to explore different things than Dakhla is the right place from to visit. Many surf accommodations are on the beaches. They are very simple but good place to stay at night and have a good sleep.

If you want something better but still budget than Bab Al Bahar Hotel and Spa is a good option for them. Inexpensive options give you more pleasure and make your trip m or good and enjoyable.

For complete luxury to enjoy than Calipari, share hotel is best. This is the best place to stay in Dakhla when you want luxury, rest. The modern raid has a long private beach, magnificent pool, and restaurant with good seafood in the city. The hotel provides you with the teachers for water spot. This hotel has a beautiful view when looking around, show you rest of Dakhla amazingly.

This place is the dream of every backpacker, driver, and fisherman because it is becoming the greatest destination for the kiteboard surfing.

Dakhla has the essence like no other. The remote areas make your journey more excellent. The 30m long spite of land between the 40km of the lagoon.

Colorful Medina, many souks and local culture of Sahara desert will you feel like you are in heaven. Still, many things are left, and it will take you to the new world.

The Dakhla has a meditative culture which values the peace. This place tells you to enjoy the simplicity of life. There are camps that are willing to teach novices; this place also has an array of water sports. Annually Dakhla festival is celebrated, which bring together all seas and desert, you can discover the culture of Saharan tribe. Nomad music and surfing.

If you are not interested in surfing than medina and souks are best. Trade man is selling thing including fruits. Smalls stalls having leather goods and small pieces of jewelry show their important aspect of culture and add more valuable experience to your trip.


Despite its beautiful waves and countryside, it is still visited by few people. The Dakhla is the big and good surfing destination with its beaches and sand desert. The Saharan waves are unique, and this conditions of surf are not found in other places. This place is ideal for your first experience of a surf session. This place surf helps you to improve your shortboard skills and SUP skills.

Dakhla is a very good place to visit. People coming here enjoy a lot. Nowadays, many tourist visit this place. Remember that book your ticket in advance; prices can be rise at any moment. You can visit all this place by car or bus. This place has many breathtaking views, visiting this place by car or bus you can enjoy all its scenery and sites that you will always remember long after. With the help of travel guide, you can see all places and enjoy their tasty traditional food. The Travel guide is the best way to explore this place.