Sahara Spirit Participation in Ibn Battuta Festival

Your vibrant city or an active social life can never replace the amazing experience of traveling. Making way towards a foreign country will open your eyes to how the entire world lives. Everyone who loves traveling return home with a new worldview in the process. Traveling is a great thing to do as it has a lot to offer. The world is full of beautiful places. Therefore, traveling worth every penny that you spend because those memories last forever.

Participating in any international event will make the tour more mesmerizing. Every time of the year is great to start a new adventure and see different parts of the world. What if your tour gives you a chance to get the real-life education? Practical education will come as a bonus with the traveling experience.

The International Festival of Ibn Battuta organized by the Moroccan Association is one such event that worth attending. The Sahara Spirit Participation in Ibn Battuta Festival will give you an idea about the importance of this amazing international festival.

Sahara Spirit Foundation

Sahara Spirit Foundation is a non-profit and independent organization that works for the dignity of the people. The ultimate aim of this organization is to bring positivity to the people of Morocco. They work for educating the children of Morocco and help the poor individuals to overcome poverty. It has a noble vision to touch the lives of the people optimistically. The name ‘Sahara’ is given to this organization as this foundation try to extend the sun gleams and touch the poor spirit of the community.

The Sahara Foundation focus on proving the quality education, basic health facilities and freedom to the people democratic Morocco who have every right to live their life fully. The event calendar of this foundation will let you know about the upcoming events that spread education. You will see different interesting events like the economic potential of the Sahara region and International Festival of Ibn Battuta. Both the events have some noble cause. The event highlighting the economic potential of the Sahara region will focus on overcoming the poverty. However, the International Festival of Ibn Battuta is an amazing event which will happen in the November of the year 2017 will focus on reviving the culture of travel.

Sahara Spirit Participation in Ibn Battuta Festival

The travel and cultural events are not just organized to entertain you, but it also has a purpose of educating you about the distinct culture of a particular region. The Moroccan Association is organizing the second edition of this amazing event on 9th of November to revive the tradition of Ibn Battuta. People from different parts of the world are going to take part in this event. The Sahara Spirit foundation also decided to participate in the International Festival of Ibn Battuta. Every organization is participating in this event with a major reason. The Sahara Spirit foundation is working for the people. The purpose of the event is to educate and motivate people for traveling. Traveling is something more than just a ride. It gives you a chance to know the culture of a completely different region. It will open you to new insights with all the newness in the life. The International festival of Ibn Battuta will contribute to your educational path and will let it grow. Making way towards a different region will let you discover a new sense of life direction and purpose. Investing money on traveling actually worth it as you gain a lot from single tour to the educational festival. It will let you discover new places and culture of different areas.  An international festival celebrated in the other part of the world will let you know that all people share similar needs.

The Sahara Spirit Foundation took this step to participate in the event as this festival is more than just amusement. They favor traveling because no one can deny the benefits of traveling in one’s life. Your mind needs a break from the hectic schedule, and you can feed your mind with an amazing tour. You will realize a huge difference in your productivity level when you come back from your tour. Attending the International Festival of Morocco will develop new neural connections in your mind that trigger creative thoughts. Breaking out of your daily schedule and making way towards some versatile and interesting event is necessary for every person if he wants to function productively in his career and other social aspects.

Attending any festival with an educational goal will give you a lasting knowledge than the literature. The International Festival of Ibn Battuta tells you the importance of traveling. A person roaming around the globe would let you make new friends with a different cultural background. You can even become best friend with another person living in the other corner of the world. Through traveling, you will get to know the language of the other country and the way they communicate with each other. Traveling was the basic reason behind the extraordinary knowledge of the greatest traveler Ibn Battuta.

Everything about the International Festival of Ibn Battuta

Every person is talking about the International Festival of Ibn Battuta and is planning to participate in it. Any other cultural and travel event might not be this much popular. The activities and goal of this festival bring it to the limelight. This festival aimed to promote peace through travel. This festival will revolve around the remarkable life of Ibn Battuta. Every activity performed in this event will depict the worth of traveling. It involves activities for every age group individuals which means you can take your entire family without worrying about their interests. The organizer of this event planned to enlighten every person with the history of Ibn Battuta and other great travelers like Marco Polo, Columbus, Xuanzang, John Cabot and Bartolomeu Dias. This marvelous event will feature travel literature and world-renowned explorers. The day will start with the speech of the honorary president accompanied by other activities. You will get the chance to enjoy the following startling activities.


A carnival makes the event more enticing. Students from the school and youth centers will participate actively in the event to promote the character of Ibn Battuta. Young adults from the different parts of the world will contribute to the event. The participation of the students from the other corner of the world will promote peace and tolerance in the region. It encapsulates dance, costumes, music, and other performances. The ultimate goal of this carnival is to illustrate that humans have versatile cultures, but still they have same civilization.

Theatrical plays

Another activity that will add value to this festival is the theatrical plays performed by the talented students from the different schools. It is the first-ever event that adds theatrical plays to their event. The major theme of every play will retrace the journey of Ibn Battuta which will ultimately take the tourists back to the medieval times. All the plays will be performed in the famous theater of Tangier. Some of the lengthy plays will be split down into various episodes, and these episodes will be performed on different days.

Travel Movies

Another interesting activity of this event is to screen the travel movies about the journey of Ibn Battuta. It is the human psyche that they learn from movies more quickly than the written stuff. The modern human takes less interest in reading literature, and they prefer gaining knowledge from documentaries. Showing the life of Ibn Battuta on a huge screen will be a versatile experience for tourists who are there to watch something different. A beautiful and comfortable setting will let the visitors enjoy the life of the greatest traveler of all times. These documentaries can eliminate the myths associated with the life of Ibn Battuta by showing the realistic picture of the medieval history.

Art Exhibition

In the International Festival of Ibn Battuta, you will get a chance to watch the journey of the famous traveler reflected into a colorful art. All the art displayed in the exhibition comes with an interesting history Displaying history on the walls is something completely different. Artists from the different countries will show their talent by displaying the entire journey of Ibn Battuta on canvas.  A Spanish artist took more than a year to show the journey of the great traveler in a single painting. Another interesting part of this exhibition will be the large portray of Ibn Battuta.

Music Show

The Morocco Association will celebrate the legacy of Ibn Battuta by showing the talent of musicians from different countries of the world. All the musicians and singers who participated in this event will play their impressive talent and will mesmerize you with their music. Music lovers will appreciate this magical evening of the event. Every musician who will take part in this event will represent a country with a great traveler. This evening will let the tourists travel the countries of the other famous traveler as well. Moreover, visitors will also get the chance to know about the singers who came there from a completely different culture.

Why the International festival highlights the life of Ibn Battuta?

Ibn Battuta is a famous name that needs no introduction but let’s take a glimpse at his life. Ibn Battuta was a Muslim scholar and explorer who started his journey in his early 20s and spend dedicated 30 years of his life for traveling. Ibn Battuta went on the excursions known as Rihla. His journey covered the entire Islamic world and also the subcontinent of China and India. On his return, he provides every detail of his exploration to Ibn Juzay. That was the time when traveling just begins. Ibn Battuta was the only traveler who visited every part of the Muslim world at a very young age of life. He was the first person who brings the tradition of traveling to the world, which was a valuable contribution.

Ibn Battuta had a firm belief in his religion, so he decided to begin his journey by performing Haj. He left his home because he wants to dedicate his life to religion. That was the time when traveling was not less than rocket science. It would take more than years to cover less than 200kms of distance. Ibn Battuta reaches Saudi Arabia after traveling for one complete year. He spent three years of life and then moved on to Yemen through the sea. From there, he makes way to Oman and then came back to Makah for making pilgrimage again. There was no ship, so he planned to visit India through the longest route. Every destination of Ibn Battuta took years and years of traveling.

Ibn Battuta never limits his knowledge about the versatile culture to himself. He wrote a book that encapsulates every detail of his traveling so that people could know about different countries with the unique cultural background. He was not merely a traveler but also a chemist, scientist, and researcher. He was fond of researching something innovative. After discovering different sides of the world, he let the other people know about the globe as well.

Ibn Battuta sincerely dedicated his life to travel. Traveling demands lots of compromises like he has to leave his loved ones and encounter hurdles along the way. He abandoned his entire family for more than 30 years. What else you expect from him? The Morocco Association does not want people to forget his teachings. In doing so, they planned this incredible event by the end of the year 2017. The Sahara Spirit also take pride in participating in this event to promote the legacy of the great traveler of all times. The Sahara Spirit Participation in Ibn Battuta Festival reveals that the foundation really wants people to explore the world and gain knowledge.