Sahara Spirit foundation believes on everyone’s right for self-dignity. But with today’s global challenges, many are being dismissed and rejected. We believe that everyone has the right to access information and services from the political, social and economic field that could help shape their lives.

We are an independent and non-profit organization whose mission is to contribute to the transformation and development our less fortunate brothers to live a healthy, productive life.

We understand the value of connection. Thus, we work hand in hand with local communities as transformation and sustainable development begins when locals themselves are involved, encouraged to take active participation in their own communities.

Just like the Sahara’s dessert sun, the Sahara Spirit foundation extends its sun gleams and reaches out for the poor spirits who are in need of helpful transformation and help them realize their full potential.

Our Work Approach

The foundation’s approach has been expressed by a continuous emphasis on pursuing quality education, freedom and basic healthcare carried out in a democratic Moroccan society.

Since we know that our resources are not enough, Sahara Spirit Foundation closely collaborates with government and non-government institutions, national and foreign organizations, private and public sectors that share our vision.

For students, we strive to help give a better public education through innovation and by sharing effective learning tools, support better policies, and upgrade standard of teaching from both educators and school leaders.  We support programs that identifies innovative solutions that can be able to unlock student’s potential.

To help save lives, we partner with medical institutions to deliver medical aid and healthcare services. Planning along with community-level healthcare providers to enhance the quality of care in basic healthcare facilities by disseminating good health practices.

To be able to lead healthy and productive lives, we organize livelihood projects, awareness campaigns, field works, workshops and training and other tools we deem beneficial which eventually help the less fortunate uplift themselves out of poverty and achieve long lasting benefits.

Thanks to the efforts of many of our partners, we additionally work to cultivate sound collaboration so efficient projects can be developed and thoughts can be widely shared.

Our purpose

The path out of poverty begins when people who have fewer resources can have access to quality healthcare and better education.

The foundation urges the youth to be open to the idea of entrepreneurship. We fully support women and young leaders that empower innovation and excellence.

We engage in activities that preserve national heritage and embrace the modern facets of technology, using social communication tools to connect globally.

We hope to bring together and strengthen our civil society. We push peaceful dialogues and active participation by individuals of diverse backgrounds to solidify further our democratic values.

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